SQA Solution

Mobile testing-rafiki

Defect Tracking and Management

Integration with Integration with Development ToolsAccounts
Prioritization and Severity Management
Metrics and Reporting
Issue Tracking
Issue Identification

Reporting and Analytics

Performance Monitoring and Analytics
upplier Relationship Management
Demand and Supply Planning
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Tracking and Tracing

Integration and Collaboration

Task Management and Workflow Automation
File Sharing and Document Collaboration
Integration with Third-Party Applications
Permission Controls and Security
Real-time Communication

Compliance and Audit Support

Document Management and Version Control
Regulatory Compliance Management
Audit Trail and Documentation
Integration and Collaboration
Data Privacy and Protection

Test Environment Management

Environment Reservation and Allocation
Environment Monitoring and Reporting
Permission Controls and Security
Environment Synchronization
Environment Collaboration:
Environment Provisioning

Performance Testing

Performance Profiling
Soak or Endurance Testing
Volume Testing
Performance Profiling
Scalability Testing
Stress Testing

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